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Welcome to the African Grey, the finest exotic bird shop in Colorado!


Visit our Other Services page for new information on grooming and boarding.

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Buy our bird food on line!

Take a break and buy healthy & nutritious bird food from this web site! We deliver to any part of the US. Visit our Shop Now page and place your order today.

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At the African Grey, you'll find not only the healthiest, highest quality hand-fed companion birds, but also anything you need to keep your bird happy and healthy, whether its parrot food, parrot toys, cages and accessories for all companion birds.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is completely dedicated to the welfare of our avian friends, and happy to share their knowledge and expertise with you. Our store contains everything you would ever need for your avian companions, from the healthiest foods, to cages, toys and other accessories.

parrot accessories parrot playgymPlease take a few moments to look around our web site, which will give you an idea of the huge assortment of birds and supplies our store carries.

Ask us about custom-made playgyms for your birds. We will make playgyms to your size and specifications. Bird-safe woods used. See our toys & accessories page for a larger view.

parrot food recipes
GREAT NEWS: BIRDIE CROCKBIRD'S BIRDIE COOKBOOK is available again! See Shop Now for purchasing and more info.
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Visit our consignment shop for bargains on used and barely used cages and other accessories. Previously owned birds are also featured!

celltei kelti kelty bird carrier back packs

Ask us about Celltei bird carriers, strollers and back packs. We can order them for you!

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COME SEE our complete line of Aviator Bird Harnesses!

Aviator Bird Harnesses are easy to use and keep your bird safe while you are outside.

We have a large variety of finchesWe carry hand-fed parakeets!We carry hand-raised conures<area title="Salmon crested cockatoo" shape="circle" coords="406,50,36" href="#" alt="We carry hand-raised cockatiels!">We carry hand-raised cockatiels!Come see our Macaws!We carry hand-fed cockatiels!Come see our Macaws!
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