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To purchase bird foods, click Add to Cart. You can adjust quantaties on the shopping cart page. Shipping and handling charges apply.

TOP Totally Organics Parrot Foods

High quality organic bird food for your companion parrot made with certified organic ingredients! TOP Pellets are for all size hookbills. Certified Organic Ingredients: Rice, hulled millet, barley, alfalfa leaf, sunflower seed hulled, sesame seeds unhulled, quinoa whole, buckwheat hulled, dandelion leaf powder, carrot powder, spinach leaf powder, purple dulse, kelp, rose hips powder, rose hips crushed, orange peel powder, lemon peel powder, rosemary whole leaf, cayenne ground, crushed red chili peppers, nettle leaf. $7.99 per pound.

All-in-One seed mix for all hookbills: serve dry, soaked or sprouted. Contains certified organic: Barley, Rye Berries, Spelt, Kamut, Buckwheat, hulled Millet, Pumpkin Seeds

Napoleon's seed mix for all small hookbills. Contains certified organic: Oat Groats, hulled Millet, Flax Seeds, Sesame Seeds and Buckwheat


Roudebush Pellets

A Roudebush diet staple for adult, non-egg laying birds. $4.39/lb

Choose a Size

AppleBerry Feast on the Fly Cinnaspice Delight Cajun Bean on the Fly
Fiesta Feast on the Fly Tropical Feast on the Fly Viva Veggies
Bird Street Bistro Cooked Foods

All birds love these home cooked meals and they're so easy to make! See a list of ingredients here. $8.49/lb

Choose a Flavor

Sunseed Small Hookbill

A non-sunflower mix similar to vita large hookbill. White millet, red millet, canary grass seed, rape seed, safflower seed, oat groats, wheat, niger thistle, dehydrated papaya, dehydrated pineapple, dehydrated coconut, dehydrated apple, dehydrated carrot, orange extract, dehulled soybean meal, meat and bone meal, fish meal, dehydrated alfalfa meal, brewer's dried yeast, and more. $3.99/lb

Sunseed Small Hookbill Fruit & Veggie

Contains additional tropical fruit, cracked corn, hemp seed, fruit and vegetables such as apple, papaya, raisins, carrots and peas. $4.29/lb

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Mixed Dried Fruits

Choose from small pieces ($3.99 - 1/2 lb), large ($4.99 - 1/2 lb) and organic ($5.99 - 1/2 lb).

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Quality Nuts

Choose from mixed ($7.99/lb) or almonds in the shell ($6.99/lb)

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Spray Millet

High in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, millet is low in fat and an entertaining treat for your bird. 89¢ each, you can add more to your order on the Shopping Cart page

Available NOW!
Written and illustrated by Karen (would that be Rags on the cover?) has finally hit the shelves at The African Grey. This 40 page booklet is far more than a cookbook--it's more a bible of avian nutrition. Karen has included a wealth of information on nutrition and answers a lot of questions you may have had about the "whys" of what we feed--or should feed--our birds. Also included are case histories and anecdotel success stories of real birds that have passed through the doors of The African Grey. There are also several pages devoted to priceless information on vitamins, minerals, amino acids and the "super foods" that contain them, how to prepare foods, how to handle feeding, etc. This book is a must-have for anyone that has companion birds! $19.99

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